HAHA I get snow days now. HAHAHAHAHA.

P.S: If it makes you feel any better, snow days are unpaid 😛


#TheGirlWhoLoved TheBoyWhoLived

I was having a potty morning.
Like a really potty morning when I cried in public like a fool of a took and wanted to call in sick to work (but CAN’T because in this part of the world you are paid by the hour and if you don’t show up, you don’t get paid SHEESH *rolls eyes*) and not even go back home.

Then I switched on my headphones and listened to Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived.
“Scars can come in useful. I have one myself above my left knee which is a perfect map of the London underground.”
“Would you care for a lemon drop? A what? A lemon drop.”

I was grinning so wide, passersby probably started to wonder if the -21 C had finally gotten to me.
And then magically, the rest of the day turned for the better.

JKR might have become problematic but Harry Potter will always remain the boy who saved me.

The Unhelpful Mulberry Bush

It is amazing how one day is full of anxiety and unsure-ness (is that a word? what is the right word? where are all my words?) and just generally not having control over how messed up everything is in your head and then, the next day, EVERYthing just simplifies itself, the bad feelings just dissipate into nothingness like they were never there, and your mind is back to being #KonMari-ed.

Basically, the lesson I learned: Going in circles without having all the facts is NOT helpful.

P.S: My post titles are getting more and more random, aren’t they xD

Different Places I Have To Be At

– The most heart-wrenching place to be is when one person is the epitome of all I want to be but it is the other who had to teach me what I have to be.

– The weirdest place to be caught is between two super grownup, fairly silly, feuding people, both of whom are supposed to be teaching you.

– The most difficult place to be is when someone who is supposed to be teaching you is saying things like the pretty girl at their other job is “basically asking for it” and has attention-seeking issues.


I moved. But screw that.

What’s bigger news is that my laptop, the one that has been languishing under my partner’s inexpert ministrations for over three years, takes a lifetime to load all my Chrome tabs, and takes five minutes to open one Word document, now boots in under 10 seconds.

How I feel about it?


No kidding. I’m actually doing this, as I type.


I’m ten days away from getting what I’ve wanted all my life and I’ve to consciously steer my thoughts away from it and not be pinging off the walls because, apparently, getting excited about things (on social media or otherwise) is so passé. So I’ll pretend like life is exactly the same and hope to God everything doesn’t come bursting out at some inopportune moment.

In other news, this Diwali was the least Diwali-est Diwali in my entire life 😓 and I’m getting more tattoos on Monday.